The Normal Christian Life Pt 6 Pray Without Ceasing

Norm. Christian

Join Darren Davis as he teaches on what it means to pray without ceasing and why this is so important for the advancement of the Kingdom on the Earth.

The Church and The Kingdom


Join Darren Davis as he teaches on how as believers we are called to fully steward the Keys of the Kingdom that Jesus gives us via the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Steve Uppal

Join us as Steve Uppal gives a timely word for our house in this time of revival.

The Vindication of God


The Lord is partnering with His church to manifest His love to a world that is filled with injustice. Darren Davis teaches on how this vindication from God becomes a tangible reality through us as we fully trust the Father amidst sharing in the sufferings of Christ.

The Gospel Of The Kingdom Pt. 1 Carriers Of The Kingdom


Join Darren Davis as he teaches how external pressure in life reveals the genuineness of our faith as believers, as we are called to carry the glory of God and in sincerity reveal it to the world.

Kingdom Enterprise

Join Darren Davis as he teaches how the kingdoms of the world are going to become the Kingdom of our God.

The Kingdom of God Pt. 7 – Growing in Grace

In part seven of his series on the Kingdom, Darren Davis Theologically defines Grace, Identifies the Chief Enemy of Grace and Talks about How to Grow in Grace and the Role of Community in this growth process.

The Kingdom of God Part 6 – Cultivating Creativity

In part six of this series on The Kingdom of God, Darren Davis teaches on the creative calling over every life made in the image of God. Darren lays out some foundational biblical truths that will help guide every believer in the creative process of life.

The Kingdom of God Part 5: Kingdom Family

In part 5 of this series, “The Kingdom of God”, Darren Davis speaks about Kingdom family and the calling over every member to walk in greatness. Darren lays out biblical foundations for healthy, functional family culture on how to be great in the grace of God through intimacy with Jesus and serving His Body.

The Kingdom of God Part 3: True Riches

In part three of the series, “The Kingdom of God”, Darren Davis teaches about the Kingdom principle of stewarding unrighteous mammon faithfully so we as a revival generation will be able to steward true riches. Discover in this message practical insight on how to step into your God given destiny as a child of promise […]