Special Guest Larry Hill

Join us as Special Guest Larry Hill from Christ for the Nations Institute teaches on navigating  grief and loss with a kingdom perspective.

God’s Word and Transformation

Listen as Samuel St. Fleur teaches on the relationship between God’s word and transformation.

Learn from Me

To be a disciple means to be a learner. Are you learning to love yourself well yet? Listen as Grant teaches us how discipleship starts on the inside first before it goes to the nations.  

Building Family

Join Darren Davis as he speaks about the topic of Transformation as build and expand the influence of God’s family on the earth.

The Reward of Intimacy

Join us as Julie Stephens shares on the rewards of intimacy and transformation.

Forgiveness and Family

Global Transformation

Join Darren Davis on God’s heart for the transformation of nations through relational discipleship.  

The Only Begotten

Join Darren Davis on Father’s Day as he teaches on the profound implication of Jesus being the only begotten of the Father and how that reality postures the church for the transformation of nations.

Interview with Allen Walker

In this interview, Allen Walker, the Children’s Director at The Harbour Church, discusses the vision and future of The Harbours children’s ministry, as well as the power and influence we have as adults to shape the coming generation by teaching them to encounter and hear the voice of God for themselves.

Interview with Darren Davis

Join us as Grant Lewis interviews Darren Davis on the vision of Harbour Church