First Things First

The main thing about a ‘Kingdom Community’ is the King. When we put the King first everything else will align….. eventually. Listen to a practical message on how to cultivate this in your community but especially as you learn to commune with the King in your heart.

Darren’s Announcement

Darren’s Announcement.

The Fellowship of the Apostles

The early church in Jerusalem maintained unity within diversity by remaining steadfast, be preserving joyfully under the teaching and fellowship of the apostles. Today we will look at what that fellowship or friendship actually meant be browsing a little over the life of Barnabas and his relationship with the apostle Paul

Our Motivation: The Bridegroom King

As the church comes to an understanding of the heart of Jesus as our Bridegroom and King we will step into levels of trust and intimacy with Him that will lead to personal and community transformation for the glory of His name.

Special Guest Larry Hill

Join us as Special Guest Larry Hill from Christ for the Nations Institute teaches on navigating  grief and loss with a kingdom perspective.

God’s Word and Transformation

Listen as Samuel St. Fleur teaches on the relationship between God’s word and transformation.

Learn from Me

To be a disciple means to be a learner. Are you learning to love yourself well yet? Listen as Grant teaches us how discipleship starts on the inside first before it goes to the nations.  

Building Family

Join Darren Davis as he speaks about the topic of Transformation as build and expand the influence of God’s family on the earth.

The Reward of Intimacy

Join us as Julie Stephens shares on the rewards of intimacy and transformation.

Forgiveness and Family