Family Sunday – August


Join us are we hear testimonies from our friends from around the world.

Out of the Box Pt. 7

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Join as Grant Lewis continues our Summer series Out of the Box.

Out of the Box Pt. 6

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Join as Darren Davis continues our Summer series, Out of the Box.

The Cost of Compassion

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When Jesus sent out His disciples, first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles, He prepared them to count the cost of preaching the message of the Kingdom. Listen as Michelle Carr teaches on what we can learn from the lives of Jesus and Paul as we seek a shift in the culture of […]

Out Of The Box Pt. 4

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Join Darren Davis as he continues the series, Out Of The Box.

Us +

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Join as Samuel St. Fleur continues our message series, Out Of The Box.

Out of the Box Pt 2 – The Both


Join Darren Davis as he speaks about the Fathers Heart for ‘the both’ in the current Out of the Box series.

Out Of The Box Week 2

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Join Grant Lewis as he talks about viewing others from Gods perspective.

Family Sunday June

Join The Harbour Family Sunday as we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and hear testimonies!

Love Where You Live


Jesus carried a heart for the people of Jerusalem ┬áthat longed to draw them into the peace and kindness of the Father. As Michelle concludes the series on Jesus and the Kingdom she shares on how we can tap into those same aspected of His heart to see transformation come in individual lives in South […]