Leaving the Ninety Nine


Join Darren Davis as he concludes the Fall series on Cultivating Kingdom Community by looking at the Heart of the Father and how He leads those who are immature in the faith.

Growing in Favor with God and Man

Join as Michelle Carr as she continues our Fall series Cultivating Kingdom Community.

Special Guest Roddie Nelson

Gods People. Gods Place. Gods Rule

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Join Samuel St. Fleur as he continues our Fall series ‘Cultivating Kingdom Community.’

Now is the Time

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Living in the present positions me to become more aware of the presence of the King. Don’t let what you think you don’t have distract you from what you do…the Kingdom within. Listen as Grant teaches on how to live in the present because the Kingdom is here…and growing!

Harbour Core Service – Randall Worley

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Join as Randall Worley  talks to the Harbour Core Team.

Harbour Core Service – Bill Vanderbush

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This service was a question and answer time with Bill Vanderbush.

First Things First

The main thing about a ‘Kingdom Community’ is the King. When we put the King first everything else will align….. eventually. Listen to a practical message on how to cultivate this in your community but especially as you learn to commune with the King in your heart.

Darren’s Announcement

Darren’s Announcement.

The Fellowship of the Apostles

The early church in Jerusalem maintained unity within diversity by remaining steadfast, be preserving joyfully under the teaching and fellowship of the apostles. Today we will look at what that fellowship or friendship actually meant be browsing a little over the life of Barnabas and his relationship with the apostle Paul