Brave Heart Pt 7: A New Heart!

Brave Heart Series

Listen as Grant concludes our Braveheart series.

Brave Heart Pt 6: The Guarded Heart

Brave Heart Series

Darren Davis teaches about the redemption of Jesus being the grace to guard each person’s heart from the effects of brokenness, so we are free to go on living our life.

Brave Heart Pt 5: Knowing the Prince of Peace

Brave Heart Series

We look to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, as the example of how to walk through life with a peaceful heart in the midst of the storms or life.  Join Michelle Carr as she shares.

Brave Heart Pt 4: Judge Not!

Brave Heart Series

Listen as Grant continues our Braveheart series. Today the focus is cultivating a tender heart…

Brave Heart Pt 3: No Shame On You

Brave Heart Series

Join Darren Davis as he teaches about the how the power of shame has been defeated at the cross and our ability in Christ to live in a place where nothing is hidden.

Brave Heart – Pt 2: Brave Heart, Where Are You?

Brave Heart Series

Listen as Dr. Ariel St. Fleur teaches how brave hearts process their pain in Jesus through prayer, people, process and power.

Brave Heart – Pt 1- You Make Me Brave

Brave Heart Series

Join Darren Davis as he introduces the new series titles Brave Heart.

New Year Revivalutions Pt. 6: The Dreams of God


Join Darren Davis as he concludes the Revivalutions series by teaching on The Dreams of God.

New Years Revivalutions Pt. 5: Express Yourself

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Listen as Grant Lewis continues our “Revivalutions” series with a message entitled, “Express Yourself.”

New Years Revivalutions Pt 4: Jesus, CEO.


Join as Darren Davis continues our New Years series, Revivalutions.