In the Gap

First Sunday Service

Covert Verses Overt

The milk and the meat 11-17-13

Join Darren Davis as he teaches how God desires for every believer to take their stand in the sphere of influence He has placed them and by His grace manifest the wisdom of God as an example to those around them.

Beauty For Ashes

Join Andrew as he teaches on Jesus giving beauty for ashes.

Mountain Living

Join Cheri as she teaches on mountain living.

Waiting Is Working!


Be blessed as Grant teaches on how to navigate through the seasons of life in God. God does not faint, neither does He grow weary. It is this strength and perspective that we are learning to co-labor with.

The Incorruptible Seed

Join Darren Davis as he teaches about the Person of the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of every believer is the “incorruptible seed” of the Kingdom and how He graces us to come into the fullness of our destiny despite attempts of the adversary to destroy the fruit of the seed.

Fragile Like Steel


The coming of Christ to this world sets him apart from any other religious figure we kow. He comes as a fragile child to be sure, but he is God incarnate. The paradox is all too evident in Him, but it is also the same we are called to walk out in our daily lives. […]

The Vindication of God


The Lord is partnering with His church to manifest His love to a world that is filled with injustice. Darren Davis teaches on how this vindication from God becomes a tangible reality through us as we fully trust the Father amidst sharing in the sufferings of Christ.

An Eleventh Hour Generation


Michelle Carr speaks on how in the eleventh hour we’re living in, the Father is calling a generation of laborers to be hired for His kingdom purposes on the earth. Those purposes will see every sphere of influence touched with love that transforms lies and awakens them to long for the return of Jesus. Click […]