The Kingdom of God Part 3: “Elders Falling Down”

Authority flows from the throne… In Revelation Chapter 4, we see the elders gathered around the throne. What is the mystery of these elders, as it relates to us and the Kingdom of Heaven coming to the earth. Learn this and more as Darren teaches about the “Elders Falling Down”.

Intimacy With God, Part 3 “Identity”

God wants to bring hope to a hurting world and restore dignity in those who have been bruised by the enemy. However, the process and the people He is going to use to accomplish this mission is not going to be how or with whom we might think. Proper identity is one of the keys […]

Intimacy With God, Part 2 “Hearing God’s Voice”

The topic of “The Voice of God” is one of the most misunderstood and controversial issues in the Body of Christ. Does God still speak? If so, how does He speak? If He does speak, what hinders us from hearing His voice?